Commonwealth Morris Men

1997 Tour Schedule

Sat 4/26
Sheep Shearing Festival at Gore Place, Waltham, MA.
Sun 4/27
The New England Folk Festival (NEFFA), Natick, MA.
Thu 5/1
May Day Morning Tour by the Charles River, Cambridge, MA.
Sat 5/3
Earth Day Parade and Festivities, Concord, MA.
Sun 5/18
Lilac Sunday at the Arnold Arboretum with just about everybody.
Fri-Mon 5/23-5/26
The Marlboro Morris Ale.
Wed 6/4
Harvard Square, with Muddy River Morris.
Sun 9/21
Concord, MA with Rose Galliard Northwest Morris.
Sun 10/11-12
Juggler Meadow Harvest Ale, Western MA.
Sun 10/17
Boston tour with Swindon Morris Men and hosts Pinewoods Morris Men.

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